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This section focuses on the Settlement Services Received by World Area of Birth who were admitted into Canada in 2019 and filed their tax in 2020.

The Settlement Services Received by World Area of Birth data visual is developed using the Longitudinal Immigration Database that combines linked administrative immigration and tax data files. It is a comprehensive source of data on the socio-economic outcomes of the immigrant taxfiler population in Canada. In partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the national network of Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP), the Community Data Program has acquired a set of data tables tracking the mobility and economic outcomes of Canada’s newcomer population over several years.


Longitudinal Immigration Database [IMDB] – ICARE Table T1 – Immigrant taxfiler income by age-sex, admission category and world area of birth, admission and tax year, settlement services, 2019 constant dollars, CD, CSD, LIP geographies, tax years 2012-2020 | The Community Data Program

IRCC’s Settlement Program for Newcomers

The Settlement Program: IRCC funded Settlement Program assists immigrants and refugees in overcoming barriers specific to the newcomer experience, such as a lack of official language skills and limited knowledge of Canada, so that they can participate in social, cultural, civic and economic life.

Needs and assets assessment and referrals: Services that provide formal reviews of client needs across a broad spectrum of settlement areas and connect clients to settlement and community-based services. Eligible services include needs and assets assessments and reassessments, the development of personalized settlement plans, and referrals to IRCC-funded and other settlement services.

Information and orientation: Services that provide clients with information about Canada and the community in which they intend to settle. They also help clients to develop the life skills they need to integrate into Canadian society. Eligible services include port of entry services, dissemination of information products (electronic or print), orientation sessions, promotion and outreach, individual and family consultations or counselling, and information referral.

Language training: Services that support clients in developing official language skills required for the labour market and/or navigating life outside work. Eligible services include language assessment such as placement testing and referrals, formal language training classes, and informal language learning sessions.

Employment-related: Services that directly equip clients with employment-related skills and support in accessing the labour market. These services include preparation for the credential assessment process. Eligible services include employment bridging initiatives, employment-related mentoring and networking, and employment and credential assessment counselling, skills development and training.

Community connections: Services that help to connect clients with the broader community, public institutions, and community organizations. These services also provide opportunities for partners, volunteers, and local community members to be actively engaged in settlement programming. Eligible services include community activities, services connecting clients to public institutions and their communities, cross-cultural activities, and mentoring and networking.

The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) is a contribution program through which the Government of Canada provides assistance for resettled refugees to establish themselves in their new home.

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